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Alyssa Bermudez



Currently lives and works in

Hobart, Tasmania

As a born and bred New Yorker, my recent move to Tasmania has led me to discover a limitless wellspring of inspiration in the form of an urban and rural coalescence. My artistic framework stems from my undergraduate and graduate degree courses at the Fashion Institute of
Technology in New York where I studied art history, illustration, computer animation and interactive media. Illustration is my main form of communication and memory keeping, and I believe that even the smallest life experiences can be the greatest asset to inspired creations. To me, art is a powerful motivator which equips me with the ability to transcribe my imagination into something tangible. I hope to direct those who view my work into a deeper experience with curated colour, delightful subject matter and professional craftsmanship.

My newest passions and inspirations include hiking around beautiful Tasmania and tending to my garden - the only one I’ve ever had outside of my New York classic windowsill style garden. I host weekly art classes for little ones and adults of all ages where we explore drawing, painting, and ceramics. Lastly, I couldn’t be my true self without my little dogs, Barkley and Meeko. I have been learning to sew and they have graciously modeled most of my creations.




2015 Linden Postcard Show, Victoria, Australia

2013 Dreams Lived, Dreams Shattered: MLK, JFK 50 years later















































































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